Range Rules


Your life, the lives of your fellow students and your instructors depend on it!  If you see ANY UNSAFE CONDITION call a CEASE FIRE!

ANYONE – can call a “CEASE FIRE” at any time!  If you hear “Cease Fire” REPEAT THREE TIMES!  “Cease Fire, Cease Fire, Cease Fire!”

We primarily train at the Tri-State Shooting Park and must follow all park rules while on the property.  Tri-State Range Rules are Here.

In addition the following rules apply to all StarFire Tactical training.

  1. No Live Ammunition In The Classroom during NRA classes.
    1. This is an NRA mandate and is strictly adhered
      to during all NRA courses.  All guns to be cleared by an instructor and a student.
  2. NRA courses operate on a “cold range” principal. Students will not load magazines or firearms except on the firing line
    under direct, specific command by the RSO or Instructor.
  3. StarFire Tactical courses operate on a “hot range”
    principal – you may/will carry loaded, holstered
    firearms on the range per the training needs of the course.
  4. CCW classes – these are adult classes, we will treat you as an adult.  Therefore in AZ CCW classes you are encouraged to wear your holstered, loaded concealed firearm in class.  You are reminded to KEEP your sidearm HOLSTERED at all times during your CCW class, unless you need to defend yourself from deadly force!
  5. Loaded, holstered firearms must never be drawn without
    the instructor’s permission  on the range and ONLY when on the firing line during a live fire exercise.  NO drawing, cleaning, loading or unloading of firearms in the parking lot.  All guns must be unloaded on the firing line – NOT the ready area.
  6. READY AREA: All guns not in a holster on your body need to be either cased or tabled with the muzzle downrange and the action open at all times.
  7. CLEANING or fixing guns will ONLY be done in the ready area – with instructor or RSO supervision and ONLY during “Hot Range” periods when the area downrange of the tables is clear of personnel.
  8. PARKING LOT:  No loading, unloading, cleaning, repairing or handling of firearms in the parking area.  Bring your gun and equipment to the Ready Area unloaded and cased, or holstered.
  9. LOADING magazines may be done in the ready area.  DO NOT load or change magazines in a holstered gun in the Ready Area – wait until the firing iteration is complete then get the instructors attention and permission and make your adjustments ON the firing line.


Render medical aid as needed and qualified.

Call 911.

Send someone to unlock the gate at Tri-State and WAIT for EMS to arrive, then lead them to the injured party.

Take notes, collect names and statements of witnesses.


ALWAYS keep your gun pointed in a safe direction.

ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

KNOW your target and what is beyond.