Private and Small Group Classes or Coaching

We offer all our scheduled courses as private or semi-private classes or if you have a group that wishes to train together please give us a call and we will work to accommodate your schedule.

We also do private coaching to help students work on specific issues. This is a great way to learn advanced techniques, trigger control improvement, and for correcting bad habits. One great aspect of private coaching is our use of video to help analyse and improve your shooting skills.

AZ or UT CCW: 1-4 students = $240.00   Both Classes = $400.00

Basic Defensive Pistol & CCW (10 hrs):  1-4 Students = $400.00

NRA Basic Pistol Phase II :  1-4 Students = $400.00

Rates are for 1-3 students – for 4 or more, regular class fees apply.

Coaching – Private or Semi-Private Instruction:

Individual – 1 or 2 = $100.00 hr / 2 hour mi\n.

Small groups, 3 students = $150.00 hr / 2 hr min.

Larger groups, 4-6 students = $50.00  hr/ea – 2 hr min.

Please call us for other pricing and information: 702-496-0165