Refund Policy, Guaranty and Disclaimers

I guaranty our training will meet or exceed your expectations!


This should not require further explanation, but you can not learn or function safely if you are sick, make us sick or are on medication. We will be happy to reschedule your class.  If you are coughing, sneezing, sniffling, stoned, showing signs of illness, allergy or distress…


NOTICE:  We cannot provide assistance in training foreign persons due to conflicting information from the U.S. Government regarding regulations pertinent to foreign persons and arms training.   Legal Residents or foreign nationals from certain countries are exempt and training is allowed.  Please call for details.

Class Cancellations:    We occasionally have to reschedule classes due to enrollment, illness or weather.  If we must cancel a class you have the option of a full refund or credit toward a future class.

Weather:  Unlike some schools we do not train in any weather. People who are miserable don’t learn.  This is not “boot camp.”  We experience occasional high winds and extreme heat that are not conducive to safe or effective training.  Classes may be rescheduled by mutual agreement or may be “called” by the instructor.

Cancellation & Refunds – 14 Days Notice:  Advance payments or deposits will be refunded  in full, with 14 days notice and confirmation from us.  Cash payments MUST be returned by company check for tax accounting purposes.  Credit card payments will be returned on the card used.  Allow 30 days for processing.

No Shows and LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS:  There are NO REFUNDS if you fail to show up for a class OR if you call to cancel or reschedule at the last minute – that is within 14 days of the class – unless we are able to fill your seat.  We attempt to contact all students by phone several days prior to classes to remind you, but attendance is your responsibility.  If you do not show up or cancel a scheduled class we MAY allow ONE reschedule of the same class at a future date on a space available basis, at our option.

Late Arrivals:  If you are more than 15 minutes late you will miss important  safety information and/or other discussion.  We may require you to reschedule per our “no show” policy above.

Failure to Complete:  Sometimes due to various circumstances students are unable to complete a class at the scheduled date.  We will allow ONE reschedule of all or part of the same class on a space available basis, at our option.

Quitters & Expulsion:  If you “quit” or we expel you there is no refund.  Repeated safety violations, disruptions, refusal or inability to comply with instructions, legal or personal issues detected by the instructor (prohibited persons, etc.) or any other reason may result in expulsion.  We are here to TEACH you, not to expel you.

Guaranty:  Other than no-shows, quitters or expulsion, if you are not happy with your training please “Ring the Bell” and articulate the reason to the instructor and class and we will refund your tuition or offer a credit.  No refunds on NRA books once ordered.  You will not receive a  class completion certificate or certification documents. We want happy, satisfied, well trained students who will return for future training and say good things about us!

Range Access:  There is always a possibility of our class arriving to find our reserved range in use and the occupants unwilling to give up control.  In this case we may relocate to an alternative range or location if available, or we may have to reschedule the range portion of the class.

Promo Gift Certificates:  We occasionally offer gift certificates, either for sale, as a promotion or donation to a charity event.  Recipients must use their certificates in a reasonable amount of time, usually either in the same calendar year or within 6 months, whichever is longer.  Certificates usually have an expiration date stated on them. Redemption limited to scheduled classes on a space available basis unless otherwise stated on the certificate.

Disclaimer:  We are not lawyers.  The information we provide is not legal advice.  We are certified by various states to teach legal aspects relating to Concealed Weapon Permits.  All students should consult with an attorney for specific legal advice.  We require students to sign a liability release and waiver form prior to any training that discloses our responsibilities and your rights.

Training with Firearms is Inherently Dangerous:  The possibility of death or serious injury to yourself or a third party is always present when in proximity to firearms.   We take all reasonable precautions to ensure everyone’s safety at all times.  But we cannot control all potential dangers.  By training with us you accept the possibility of injury or death and agree to hold StarFire Tactical Defense Academy, it’s owners, instructors, employees, agents, assigns or successors harmless for any injuries or damages sustained by your participation in our events.  A signed liability waiver is required for attendance in all classes.