Pistol Instructor

This is the NRA’s foundational firearm safety class.  You will learn how to safely teach students to safely handle and shoot handguns, both revolver and semi-automatic.

NRA Pistol Instructor Candidates must complete Phase I of the NRA Basic Pistol shooting course – you must pass with a 90% – your completion certificate needs to be forwarded to us to attend this course. This is only required for Pistol Instructors at this time.

We further require Pistol Instructor Candidates to either take the Range portion of the NRA Basic Pistol with us, another NRA instructor (with our evaluation) or present proof of extensive handgun training, either via law enforcement or recognized private training programs.

You MUST be able to put 15 of 20 shots into a 6 inch circle and all 20 into 9 inches at 15 yards, without time constraint and show gun handling skills. You MUST have 100% “finger off the trigger” control and muzzle control. This is NOT a “learn to shoot” class. This is a “Learn How to TEACH Others to Shoot” class.

NRA Online Portion – Basic Pistol Course

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Please CALL us if you have questions about this program.