LEOSA – HR218 Qualifications  $40.00 – $100.00

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PLEASE NOTE:  We are not currently offering LEOSA qualification exams due to my health issues.   Unfortunately we do not have anyone in the area to whom we can refer you.  There is a list of authorized  instructors on the AZDPS.gov website.   

Please be aware for an instructor to certify HR 218 permits they must either be on the DPS list as a POST instructor, or an NRA instructor registered with DPS.  (There is no list of authorized NRA instructors, you will have to call DPS to verify they are certified.)

My certification is still valid and I may resume exams in the fall of 2018.

We provide annual qualification exam certification and refresher training for law enforcement officers carrying firearms under the 50 State LEOSA – HR218 CCW permit.

Residency Requirement: This certification is available to any active, retired or former LE who qualifies under HR218 – AND who is a permanent resident of Arizona under ARS 28-2001.  Questions please call me, I am relatively knowledgeable on HR218. If I don’t know an answer, I will find out.

Note: There have been questions regarding residency by some officers carrying under CA agency issued permits after becoming AZ residents. Such ID’s are of questionable legality if you are no longer a CA resident. If you are an AZ resident you need to convert to the AZ HR218 permit and shoot the AZ POST qualification – regardless of what your out of state agency is telling you.  Please refer to the DPS “info” page.

Classes and Exams:  We shoot the AZ POST course of fire on the range.  We also provide a short refresher classroom session covering firearm safety and new laws enacted in the previous year.  You are also welcome to attend our regular AZ-CCW “Legal Aspects” class at 1/2 price ($30) to refresh on AZ law if desired.

Scheduling:  To keep your costs low we try to schedule “live fire” exams to begin before or after other regularly scheduled classes when we are already at the range.   Plan on about 1 hour.

Private Class / Exams:  If your permit is expiring or you need an immediate exam we will schedule private exams to fit your schedule. Please understand this requires a special 40 mile round trip to the range for me, picking up targets at our office, etc.  It is about a 3-hour minimum time requirement, so your understanding of our need to charge additional is appreciated.

Course of Fire:  LEOSA HR218 exams certified in the State of Arizona require a 50 round course of fire, including drawing from holstered, malfunction drills and reloading.  There is a Judgmental portion consisting of AT LEAST three “shoot, don’t shoot” scenarios.

Semi-Auto and/or Revolver Course of Fire:  You are required to shoot the full course with each TYPE of firearm you intend to carry.  If both SA and revolver, you will need to complete BOTH courses of fire.  You do not need to qualify with every gun you wish to carry.

Semi-Auto Course of Fire                 Revolver Course of Fire

Night Qualification:   Most LEOSA qualifications do not require a night testing component.  If you do need one we will provide the Night Course of Fire on an as needed basis and at additional cost.

Costs: (includes targets and certificate)

First Firearm type (SA or Revolver):  $40.00 + $20.00 DPS App Fee

Both Semi-auto AND Revolver:  $50.00 + $20.00 DPS App Fee

Private Exam, both action types: $100.00  (covers our special trip to the range, targets and certification)  + $20.00 DPS App Fee

Multiple Persons qualifying at same time:

2-3 Shooters qualifying at same time = $30 ea  + $5.00 2nd gun

4 Shooters or more at same time = $25 ea  + $5.00 2nd gun

Ammo / Gun Requirements:  50 rounds per exam.  A few more if you wish to practice before shooting the qualification.  If qualifying with both semi-auto and revolver you need 100 rounds.  Obviously, you need a working firearm of the type you intend to carry, or both SA and revolver.  You also need an external belt holster and at least a single mag pouch.  A min of two mags, or speed loaders if used, 3 to 5 is recommended.  Ear and eye protection are required, we have limited loaner equipment.

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