Utah CCW Permit Class for Young Adults $60

Young adults 18, 19 & 20 can now obtain the Utah “provisional” Concealed Weapon Permit.  This permit is valid in 19 states including Nevada and is available to residents of any state.

In Arizona a young adult ages 18, 19 & 20 can legally openly carry a handgun.   You cannot conceal carry  a firearm until you reach your 21st birthday.  However on your 21st birthday your UT permit and this class will enable you to apply immediately for your Arizona CCW permit, and your Utah permit will automatically be upgraded (on application) to a full UT CCW permit good for carry in up to 39 states.

If you are 17 you can attend this class (with parental permission) and transmit your application on your 18th birthday.

Parents – this class can make a great gift for your young adult, to help instill the knowledge, maturity, good judgement, responsibility and attitude necessary in life, and as an armed citizen.

Topics include, Utah CC laws. legal knowledge, firearm safety, selection, tactics and defense topics. Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine concepts. In depth discussion on exercising good judgement, responsibility and maturity as an armed civilian.  This is a classroom, non-shooting, responsibility and Law class.  We offer firearm training on separate days.

Enrollment in this class requires a pre-course instructor interview with the student and is a prerequisite to attending our Young Adult Defensive Firearm Training Program.

Program cost: $60.00

(fingerprints are $15-20 and the State Application Fee is $47 for a total permit cost of $125.00)