Utah CCW Class – $60 or $100 for both AZ & UT

utah ccw card
Utah is another state with wide reciprocity.  AZ and UT permits together give you the most states if you travel.  Currently UT adds Washington State to the reciprocity list when taken with AZ.

This class can be taken in conjunction with the AZ CCW for an additional $40; however, the UT law curriculum must be taught separately per Utah code.   If you have  completed our AZ CCW class we take a short break and get right into the UT specific laws. This reduces class time.

This class covers basic firearm operation and safety, storage, ammo, malfunctions, holsters, concealed carry options.  We discuss threat recognition, confrontation avoidance, the Legal and Ethical aspects of concealed carry including where you can and can’t carry a firearm and related laws in Utah.

Utah requires you to have a permit from your state of residence, if your state issues a permit.  AZ or NV residents first need an in-state permit, then you send a copy along with your UT application and class certification.  CA residents may currently be able to apply for a UT permit without first having a CA permit.  Check with BCI for latest policy.

Class Length: Approximately 4 1/2  hours.

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