EFFECTIVE JUNE 17, 2015 ARIZONA CCW PERMITS ARE VALID IN NEVADA!  You do not need a NV permit unless you are a Resident of NV (Laughlin).

Florida, Colorado, Virginia and Other State CCW Permitsflorida ccw card

Several of our classes qualify you to obtain your CCW Permit for Oregon, Florida, Colorado, Virginia and several other states that accept our courses as proof of training.   Please call for additional info on specific state requirements.  Additional fees may apply.


  1. Arizona and Utah permits offer RECIPROCITY with up to 38 other states!
  2. Legally carry in restaurants that sell alcohol (you can’t drink thought).
  3. Pre-vetted no waiting for firearm purchases in AZ (residents only).
  4. Legally carry within 1,000 feet of a school (Federal No Gun Zone).
  5. It’s your “good guy” card. Proof to law enforcement that you have
    passed a comprehensive and current background check!
  6. Gain current knowledge of laws pertaining to justified self defense.  Every year there are new laws to be aware of.  We stay on top of this for you.  We also send out occasional e-mail legal updates when important new changes occur.  If you haven’t had a CCW refresher in a few years we recommend you “sit in” and reacquaint yourself, I’m pretty sure you will learn something new!

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