Nevada CCW Permit Info

Arizona CCW permits are valid for carry in Nevada .  You do not need a separate Nevada permit to carry unless you are a NV resident.   AZ permits are valid for all non-NV residents.

If you are a Nevada resident and live in Laughlin or elsewhere in Nevada you need a Nevada permit.  Most classes are eight hours with an hour lunch.  There is a shooting qualification required.  You must apply for your permit in the same county as you take your class.  If you take a class in Vegas you must file with Metro  in Clark County.  However (most LV area instructors don’t know this) you can do your prints and file your application at the Laughlin sub-station, thereby avoiding the long lines at Metro.

Currently we are recommending “” also  Front Sight in Pahrump (which is where “we” go to train).  But they only do CCW as part of their 2 or 4 day basic pistol courses.  See us for a Front Sight membership.  Maggie teaches at several venues in the Vegas area.  We have not attended her class, but she has a good reputation.

We suggest saving your money, unless you actually live in NV.   The permit cost itself is expensive at $98.25, plus fingerprinting, plus costs of ammo, fuel, lunch and dinner, etc.  It takes on average 100-120 days to actually receive your permit.

NV Links:

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