Arizona CCW Class – $60.00  –  ($40.00 renewal)

arizona ccw card

Legal Aspects of Concealed Carry for Arizona

This class provides the legal knowledge you need when you choose to carry a firearm for personal defense.  It exceeds the statutory requirements to obtain an Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit.  There is an additional permit fee of $60 paid to AZ-DPS for your actual permit and about $15 to get your prints taken locally.

We cover basic firearm operation and safety, storage, ammo, malfunctions, holsters and concealed carry options.  We discuss threat recognition, confrontation avoidance, the Legal and Ethical aspects of concealed carry including where you can legally carry a firearm and CCW related laws in Arizona.

Due to our “Tri-State” region we also briefly cover Nevada, California and Indian Reservation laws pertaining to self defense and concealed carry. Classroom discussion of imminent defensive incidents, aftermath effects and management including forensics, preservation of evidence, witness management and talking to police after a defensive incident. Take notes, there is a test!

This is a non-shooting, classroom only, legal course.  This class can be taken as a TWO DAY program, along with our Basic Defensive Pistol skill development course  which includes “live fire” range training and classroom instruction in firearm safety, operation, cleaning and foundational defensive shooting skills.

Class Length: Approximately 4 1/2  hours, classes tend to run long.

PRIVATE  CLASSES AVAILABLE :  $240.00  –  1-4 students.

If you are only visiting our area for a short time we MAY be able to schedule a private or group class during your trip.  The more advanced notice the better – we can also open the class to others and sometimes bring the per-person cost down .    We request a $240 minimum for the first 1-4 students for the 5 hour course.  Please call for more info or to arrange a private class.

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