CCW Permit Classes

This is the class you will remember for the rest of your life!

These classes are designed to teach you the fundamental skills,
knowledge and attitude necessary to have the confidence to safely and responsibly carry a handgun for defense of yourself and those you are responsible for. These are intensive, in-depth courses containing an immense amount of information.


In addition to residents, our AZ and UT CCW classes qualify residents of states that do not issue (or severely restrict) CCW permits.   Some states only reciprocate with resident permit holders.  Please call for more info.

AZ CCW Classes – $60 – $40 (Renewal)

We cover basic firearm operation and safety, storage, ammo,
malfunctions, holsters, concealed carry clothing, concealment
options. We discuss threat recognition, confrontation
avoidance, the Legal and Ethical aspects of concealed carry
including where you can legally carry a firearm and CCW related laws in Arizona.

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Utah CCW Class – $60 or $100 for both AZ & UT

Utah is another state with wide reciprocity. AZ and UT permits together give you the most states if you travel a lot. This class can be taken in conjunction with the AZ CCW for an additional $40; however, the UT laws must be taught separately per Utah code.

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LEOSA – HR218 CCW Permit

This certification is available to any active or former LE who qualifies under HR218 – AND who is a permanent resident of Arizona under ARS 28-2001. If you have questions please call. If we can’t answer we can refer you to someone at POST or DPS.

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The above listings are not “NRA Approved” courses.  Students seeking our NRA Certified classes please – Click Here.