Armorer Classes

Our Newest Program!  Starting September 2015!

Are you afraid to take your gun apart?   Have you ever wanted to know how to detail strip your firearm beyond basic field stripping?  Let us provide you with the skills and knowledge to safely, confidently and competently detail strip and reassemble, clean and make basic repairs or upgrades to your personal firearms.

Classes:  $60 each!   All three for $150!  Four hour day or evening classes. Limited to 10 students!  Certificates of completion will be issued. Discounts for multiple classes!  Printable manual and reference videos included!

GLOCK – – We will teach you to detail strip and replace common parts and upgrades. Bring drop in triggers or other upgrade parts to install in class.  Taught by Certified Glock Armorer.

1911 – – We will teach you to detail strip and replace common parts and upgrades for Model 70 and 80, also Sig and Smith with external extractors.  Most common models.

AR15 – M4 – – This class is designed for the recreational AR shooter to provide you with an in-depth confidence in your tactical rifle system.  We will detail strip components and you are welcome to install simple upgrades (furniture, triggers, bolts, rails, etc.)  This is not a “build” class, we do not have the tools or facility to remove gas tubes, barrels, or set “head space” in this class although we will discuss and review the process.

YOU must provide your own gun(s), tools and supplies for Armorer classes!  We do not have loaner or rental guns.

Broken Guns: If you have a broken gun please bring it.  We will LOOK at it, and MAY be able to assist you with repairs in class, depending upon time and tool availability.  No promises!

Optics and Sights:   We will cover general alignment of lasers, red dots and other optics, within reasonable time limits but due to the wide variety we cannot guaranty we can assist with yours.

Removal or replacement of fixed sights is NOT provided.    We can offer limited assistance with some models, subject to tools on hand in our shop and time availability, but due to the variety and expense of specialized tools, precision and custom fitting  we recommend using a quality gunsmith for sight replacement.

Armorer vs Gunsmith:  Every “gun owner” should know how to clean and field strip their firearm.   An “armorer” is capable of detail stripping and making basic repairs to a given gun.   A “gunsmith” is a precision machinist who specializes in repair or builds guns.   Our goal is for you  to gain the skills and confidence of being a basic Armorer for your gun, capable of repeating what you learned on your own without assistance beyond the manual.

Please note:  Class offerings are not manufacturer sanctioned.  Our instructor(s) are graduates of nationally recognized Armorer schools and/or are Factory certified.  We are not internet, gun shop or “self” trained.

Class dates and times subject to change based upon enrollment.  4 Student min required.  Training reference materials are available online in our “Graduates” area. Please call for class details or any questions about our training prior to enrolling or paying online.

Private or semi-private classes available!

Phone: 702-496-0165.