“Road Rage” Clinic

This 4 hour range clinic is designed to expose the experienced gun owner to engaging threats from and around vehicles.  This course begins with a safety and shooting skill review and lecture discussion on tactics, techniques, confrontation avoidance and aftermath management specific to road rage, barricade or ambush scenarios. We review controlled pair shooting, failure to stop and multiple targets.  We will shoot from inside and outside vehicles and using vehicles for cover.  Learning “safe cover” locations and how vehicles and glass may affect bullet trajectory.  Exposure to team shooting.

We shoot about 100 -150 rounds in this class.  We will NOT be shooting “at” vehicles.  (Unless you wish to loan us yours!)  We  may have an opportunity to shoot doors and windows based upon availability.

Class Fee:  $120.00  (4 student min)

Prerequisite:  Intermediate class or Instructor skill assessment.  100% safety skills including total muzzle awareness and “finger off the trigger” control.  This class has no room for errors or for students who are not paying attention.  You will be shooting from MY personal vehicle(s).  There is ZERO TOLERANCE for fingers on triggers unless ready to shoot.  You will be billed for any damages caused by holes you put in my vehicles!

Equipment Requirements:  9mm or larger handgun, holster, double mag pouch and 3 to 5 magazines.  150 rounds.  Eye and electronic hearing protection.

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