Defensive Handgun – II : $120.00 (Intermediate)

In this 4 hour class held on the range we continue to improve on the skills learned in the basic class.  We learn how to properly and safely draw from a holster,  tactical and emergency reloading, malfunction recovery (immediate action drills).  We incorporate movement to cover (“get off the X”) “after action” movement drills, out of position and barricade shooting,  controlled pair shooting,  multiple target engagement, additional one hand and off hand shooting,  etc.   We shoot between 100 -150 rounds.

We keep our Intermediate classes to about 4 hours – they always run over.  After about 4 hours in the sun and wind I find most people get tired and their learning ability, shooting skills and safety degrades.

Class Fee: $120.00

Prerequisite:  Basic Handgun or Instructor skill assessment.

Required equipment:  9mm or larger medium to full size pistol with quality range holster.  No “one size fits all” or nylon “Uncle Mikes” holsters from WalMart.  No “Serpa” trigger finger release holsters. No “pocket guns.”  (We will shoot small backup guns during the advanced class if desired.  They are not conducive to this type of training.)  At least three magazines and a two magazine belt pouch.  Five mags are better.  150-200 rounds of ammo.  Hearing and eye protection required. Electronic ear covers recommended.  Baseball cap and high neck shirts recommended.

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