Defensive Shotgun Clinic

This 4 hour range clinic provides the basic to experienced gun owner an introduction to personal defense using shotguns.  Topics covered include shotgun safety, types, sights, defensive tactics, and legal aspects of using a shotgun for defense inside or outside the home.  Range drills will include “patterning” your shotgun.  Grip, mounting, stance, recoil control, use of sights and optics, follow through and malfunctions.  Shotgun deployment around barricades simulating a home environment.  We will use reactive targets (if allowed) to show shotgun effects.  We will shoot about 25 bird shot, 10 buckshot, and 5 slugs.  This is not an NRA class.  For students wishing to learn recreational shotgun shooting we recommend our NRA classes here.

Class Fee:  $100.00

Prerequisite:  Basic  Handgun or Instructor skill assessment.

Equipment Requirements:  Shotgun.  Eye and electronic hearing protection.  25 rounds #7-8 birdshot, 10 Buckshot, 5 slugs.  Cleaning equipment.  Optional:  Shell pouch or belt rack(s).

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