Defense Pistol for Young Adults $120-$300

This program will be offered beginning Fall 2017.

This is a multi-day program designed to develop and instill the skills, knowledge and attitude to safely and responsibly use firearms for personal defense by older teenagers and young adults ages 15-25.  It is geared toward the younger shooter who is more agile and responsive than their older counterparts.  These classes move fast and cover a lot of material.  There is a lot of movement and shooting in the Intermediate and Advanced classes.

Our primary focus will be on handguns, optional training in defensive shotgun and assault rifle will be available upon completion of the pistol course.  Unlike the military, where everyone is a “rifleman” first.  In the majority of civilian defensive encounters a handgun may be the only firearm readily available – so we develop our pistol skills first.

Prerequsite:  Utah Legal Aspects of Concealed Carry – UT CCW permits class.  This is to ensure you have developed the legal knowledge and responsible attitude necessary to undertake defensive firearm training.  Knowing when you can, or more importantly when you can NOT shoot in defense is as important as skill with your gun.

Each of the following courses are $120.00 each day or $300 for all three days.

Day One:  Basic Pistol – the fundamentals.  Firearm safety, operation, cleaning, ammunition, grip, sighting options, loading, unloading, basic malfunctions, and range safety.  This is a combination of classroom, dry practice and live fire on the range.  This class is about 6 hours.  We will shoot 50-150 rounds.

Day Two:  Intermediate Pistol –  review of firearm safety.  Drawing from a holster, malfunction clearance, emergency and tactical reloading and ammo management.  Introduction of movement and “after action” drills.  Multiple targets, failure to stop exercises.  Steel plate precision drills.  This class is 4-5 hours. We will shoot about 200-250 rounds.

ALL students upon completion of Intermediate Pistol will be given a FREE, LIFETIME membership to attend future classes at Front Sight.  ($100.00 membership transfer fee).  We have a limited number of memberships available and when they are gone that’s it.

Day Three:  Advanced Pistol – We bring your training all together in this class.  Review of safety, out of position shooting, turning to threats, barricades, introduction to shooting around vehicles.  Extreme range targets, 50-100 yards.  In this class we shoot into the night using flashlights, lasers, red dot optics, and night vision (when available) to give you experience under changing and obscured lighting conditions.  This class is about 5 hours.  We will shoot about 200-250 rounds.

Upon completion of this program we recommend enrolling in our Defensive Shotgun, Road Rage and Night fire clinics to obtain maximum skill development.