Basic Defensive Pistol $100.00 – $140.00

This is our foundational skills course.  The goal is to provide the new gun owner or refresher student with the competence and confidence to exercise firearm safely at all times, instill the basic skills to responsibly use their firearm dynamically for self defense if necessary and lay the foundation for further training.

This class consists of two sections which may be taken together or separately.  “Basic Pistol” is the shooting portion where you learn to safely use your firearm for defense.  “Legal Aspects of CCW” is the law class you need to obtain a CCW permit and the information you need to know when you carry a firearm legally and responsibility.

This 10 hour classroom and range course, includes Basic Pistol and continues with Legal Aspects.  The range class is usually held on Friday or Sunday.  On Saturday we teach the “Legal Aspects of Concealed Carry” for AZ. You can read about this class on our CCW page.  We hold occasional mid week or private classes on demand.

In the classroom we cover gun safety, operation, maintenance, ammunition, malfunctions.  We show you how guns in general and your specific gun operates.  Followed by practice focusing on safety and learning proper stance, grip, sight alignment, sight picture and trigger control.   This is not a recreational shooting class, we teach you to rapidly and accurately employ your firearm in a dynamic defensive environment to defend yourself and loved ones.

We spend about 2 hours on the range at a Live Fire shooting clinic. We fire 50-100 rounds.  You will learn to load, unload, reload and deal with basic malfunctions along with building safe gun handling skills. We also expose the student to one handed and off hand shooting.  You will be amazed and surprised at the skill you will develop in this class!

At StarFire Tactical, we train on the leading edge of technique and technology.  In this class, along with traditional sighting methods we will expose you to lasers and optic sights to provide you with a working knowledge of the future of armed defense. Since many armed attacks occur during hours of darkness, depending upon time of year, student desire and instructor discretion, we may shoot into the twilight, using flashlights and lasers to provide you with some basic knowledge of low light equipment and skills.

New gun purchases: If you have not yet purchased a firearm we recommend you wait and use our guns in the class (materials fee).   The money you save buying the right gun the first time will pay for your class!

Class Fee:   $140.00  (including the CCW Legal Aspect Class also)

Defensive Pistol only (no CCW) – $100.00

Gun cleaning / ammo material fee (free gun use, if needed):  $40.00

Prerequisite:  None

Required Equipment: None

Firearms:  If you are bringing your own gun(s) please store it in a gun case or holster.  (We will not be using holsters in this class.) Gun and 50-100 rounds ammo, plus 25 defensive ammo to test in your gun.  Please call if any questions on what gun(s) or ammo to bring.

Please DO NOT bring loaded guns into the classroom OR parking lots. Please DO NOT load or unload guns in your car or the parking lots.  If you need assistance please locate the instructor or safety officer!

Recommended Equipment:   Safety glasses, hearing protection, baseball cap, avoid open top shirts – t shirts are good.  Closed toe shoes.  Water, snacks and cooler.  We will usually be on the range for 1 1/2 – 2-1/2 hours.  It may be HOT, or WINDY.  Dress accordingly.

Extreme conditions are not conducive to good or safe training. Occasionally due to high heat or high winds we may reschedule range portions of class.   In summer we sometimes break the range session into two shorter segments to avoid being overheated. Safety is our primary concern at all times.

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