Advanced Defensive Handgun $120.00

By reaching this intensive 4 hour advanced class taught entirely on the range, students have already mastered the basics.   You know how to draw from a belt holster, we introduce drawing from concealment, failure to stop drills (head shots), multiple rapid shot controlled fire, firing while moving along with engaging multiple targets, turning to threats and more!

We expose you to both contact distance and extended range pistol shooting, up to 50 yards.  Advanced one hand and off hand shooting. The course ends with Night Fire where we get exposure to low light and no light using flashlights, lasers and night sights!

This is where you learn what you and your gun can and can’t do!

We usually shoot at least 200 rounds, bring 250.  We start about 3 hours before sunset and shoot through twilight and into full dark.

Class Fee: $120.00

Prerequisite:  Intermediate Defensive Handgun or Instructor skill assessment.  You must have 100% “finger off the trigger” control and 100% muzzle direction control.  Students who do not exhibit 100% safety during the daylight portion may observe, but will not be allowed to shoot the night portion, to ensure everyone’s safety.

NIGHT FIRE – SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: You should have a small LED flashlight with a thumb button activator on the back of the light. Look for a light of around 180 – 250 lumens –  brighter lights such as rail mounted TRL-HL’s (800+) lumens tend to blind everyone on the range.  They are great lights – but not for this class.   Rail mounted lights are fine as secondary lights, and if you have them we will train with them, but you must have a handheld too.

This class is held on nights with no moon.  A low lumen RED lens light or headlamp is helpful for finding gear in the staging area.  You also need a belt holder for your flashlight.  Mag light or other “twist” lights do not work well for this training.

Required equipment:  9mm or larger medium to full size pistol with quality range holster.  No “one size fits all” or nylon “Uncle Mikes” holsters from WalMart.  No “Serpa” trigger finger release holsters. No “pocket guns.”  Exception – you can shoot pocket guns in segments with approval of the gun and desired training.

At least three magazines and a two magazine belt pouch.  Five mags are better.  200-250 rounds of ammo.  Hearing and eye protection required. Electronic ear covers recommended.  Baseball cap and high neck shirts recommended.

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