StarFire Tactical Armed Defense Classes

I teach people to defend themselves with a firearm from lethal attack. We focus on how to survive and prevail in an armed incident. We concentrate on how to get your gun on target rapidly and accurately at common civilian defense distances.   My goal is for you to leave each course with the increased knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to build your confidence and competence as you master new techniques.
Class is to Teach you what to Practice when you Train!

Basic Defensive Handgun:

This is our foundational safety and handling course designed for the new gun owner or someone who has perhaps never had a formal class or who hasn’t fired a gun for a long time. We shoot 50-75 rounds. Three hours class, two hours range.

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Intermediate Defensive Handgun:

In this all range class we continue the skills learned in the basic class with proper drawing from a holster, basic movement, reloading, malfunction recovery.  All range, we shoot 100-200 rounds.

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Advanced Defensive Handgun:

By reaching this all range class students have already mastered the basics.   We introduce drawing from a concealed holster, low light techniques, out of position shooting, failure to stop drills (head shots), rapid fire, firing while moving along multiple targets.  We shoot 200-250 rounds.

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Defensive Shotgun Clinic:

This 4 hour class provides the basic to experienced gun owner an introduction to personal defense using shotguns.  Topics covered include shotgun safety, types, sights, defensive tactics, and legal aspects of using a shotgun for defense inside or outside the home.

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“Road Rage” Clinic:

This 3 hour class is designed to expose the experienced gun owner to engaging threats from and around vehicles.

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“Night Fire” Clinic:

This 3-4 hour class is designed to expose the experienced gun owner to low light techniques.

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Coming Fall 2015
Red Dot Handgun / Rifle / Shotgun Clinic(s):  Red dots, reflex sights and other optical targeting aids are here to stay and will only get better and become more reliable and mainstream.  Red dots on rifles and on “race guns” during competitions have long been the standard.  But we are seeing more and more use on defensive handguns and shotguns.  This course will explore and teach the red dot shooter to better understand and utilize their red dot equipped firearm.

The above listings are not “NRA Approved” courses.  Students seeking our NRA Certified classes please – Click Here.